The Black-Eyed Kids

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In 1998 Brian Bethel, a reporter, wrote about a disturbing incident in which he was approached outside a movie theatre by two boys. While the outward appearance of these boys seemed initially normal, Brian felt a deep sense that something was very wrong with these children. The two of them asked to be given a ride, and when Brian hesitated they became angry, insisting that he let them come into his car. It wasn’t until their creepy insistence to be let in became threatening that Brian realized that their eyes were completely black, with no pupils or irises. He fled the scene, and since that incident more and more people have reported encounters with one or more children asking to be let in, whether to a house or a car. Whatever the circumstance, people report these children as terrifying — they exude a sense of wrongness, and most people who encounter them confess afterward that they felt if they let the children in, they would be killed.

One of the most disturbing factors about the Black Eyed Kids is that they always seem to be in need. They beg and plead for help from witnesses, giving strange excuses that don’t seem to make complete sense. They are usually pre-teens, but speak more articulately than children usually do. Always they want to be let in, and become increasingly angry when witnesses refuse to give them permission. And often, afterward, when the witness checks to make sure they are gone (or looks in the rearview mirror), the kids have completely vanished and are nowhere to be seen.

So what are the Black Eyed Kids? Theories range from manifestations of death itself, to vampires, aliens or even alien hybrids. There is no real evidence to support any one theory completely, but all may have some merit. For example, the witnesses who have met Black Eyed Kids all report a feeling of foreboding and fear, as if the children were bringing death with them. Perhaps they are Death itself — and once a person lets them in, that person’s life is about to end. Likewise, vampires of legend cannot enter a home unless invited, which is eerily similar to the Black Eyed Kids’ insistence that they must be given permission to come in. For those witnesses who close and lock the doors, a very bloody death has just been avoided. Above all, the most haunting question remains: what happens to those who do let the Black Eyed Kids in? There has never been a report from a witness who has let these children into their home or car, which in itself is a terrifying thought. Is it because everyone in the entire world has been wise enough to lock them out, or because those who have let the children in aren’t around to tell the tale?

Whatever the explanation, Black Eyed Kids are a disturbing phenomenon which doesn’t seem to be going away. So if you are approached by children with an aura of death and coal-black eyes, don’t let them in, no matter how much they may plead or beg.

Kristian Gabriel
Kristian Gabriel