6 Haunted Cemeteries in the USA

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Halloween conjures up images of gravestones and ghostly ghouls. People often choose to take a drive or a stroll if they’re more daring through a creepy old graveyard on Halloween night in anticipation of experiencing a few eerie chills up their spine. However, there are many graveyards across America that have a reputation for true paranormal phenomena. Check out this list (in no particular order) of haunted graveyards.

Silver Cliff Cemetery

Silver Cliff cemetery is located in the town of Silver Cliff, Colorado. Silver Cliff was a booming silver mining camp in its heyday. Even now, some of the original structures remain to reflect its past. However, Silver Cliff is famous for its cemetery, where strange lights are seen. The cemetery has been there since the early 1880s and reports of mysterious lights date back to around 1890. People have reported blue lights dancing above and around the headstones of the cemetery. Visitors have also reported lights of various colors. They are best seen on an overcast night. The cemetery was even investigated by National Geographic back in the 1960s. However, no one has ever been able to explain the mysterious dancing lights.

Cemetery Hill

Cemetery Hill is located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Due to all the bloodshed in the battle at Gettysburg, it is no wonder that there would be more than a little ghostly activity in the area. Cemetery Hill became the final resting place for soldiers who never made it home, and according to reports of visitors, many of them are still fighting the battle there. Visitors have reported apparitions of soldiers, moans, cries, sounds of battle and even the stench of rotting flesh. Ghostly apparitions have been caught on camera, only to disappear later. People report feeling as though they are being watched by unseen eyes, and there is a strange column of blue light that appears as well. Cemetery Hill would be a good place to visit for history buffs with a passion for ghost hunting.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, located in Hollywood, California, is the final resting place for many of stardom’s most famous names. However, they’re not all resting. Founded in 1899, the cemetery looks serene and tranquil, but many visitors say the vibes are downright eerie. Hollywood Forever Cemetery is the resting place of past greats such as Rudolph Valentino, Tyrone Power, Carl Switzer and Clifton Webb. Rudolph Valentino was a heartthrob in the days of silent pictures. Every year on the anniversary of his death, he was visited by a mysterious “Lady in Black.” Visitors to the cemetery claim that her ghost still visits him. People have reported whispers, cold spots, strange lights, the scent of cologne, shadows and apparitions at various locations throughout the cemetery. It is definitely worth a visit to Hollywood Forever cemetery if you want to stroll down Hollywood’s memory lane and explore some paranormal phenomenon.

Resurrection Cemetery

Although Resurrection cemetery is a hot spot for paranormal activity, it is best known as the resting place of Chicago’s most famous and enduring ghost, Mary. The ghost of this young girl is said to haunt the cemetery as well as the surrounding highway and a ballroom. According to the story, the girl had gone to a dance, and later had an argument with her boyfriend. She decided to hitch a ride home. However, she never made it. She was struck and killed by a hit and run driver. A few year later, people reported seeing the girl trying to get a ride on the road. Drivers have reported picking her up, only to have her vanish from their vehicle without opening the door, or to get out at the cemetery. One man claimed to have danced with her at the ballroom. When he later went to the address she had given him, her mother told him her daughter had been dead for many years. He identified the girl by a picture of her in the home. People have also encountered “Mary” on the highway, only to have their cars pass right through the apparition. This story has been told and retold throughout the years but it still remains fascinating as ever.

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

On the edge of the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve near the suburb of Midlothian in Chicago sits a small, mostly forgotten cemetery. However, it is home to an abundance of ghostly activity. Bachelor’s Grove cemetery didn’t always have a dark reputation. In earlier days it was described as a serene, park-type atmosphere. However, after much desecration and vandalism reports of haunted activity began to surface. Although some believe the vandalism is the cause for the paranormal happenings, others believe it is due to occult rituals and black magic ceremonies that have taken place in the cemetery. Rangers have found evidence of animal bones and carvings that they believe support this theory. The paranormal activity at Bachelor’s Grove includes the sighting of a woman sitting on a tombstone, ghost cars that vanish into thin air, and a horse pulling a plow steered by an old man. There are ghostly lights, a lady in white, and even a house that seems to appear and disappear. The cemetery has been investigated by the Ghost Research Society, as well as psychics.

Stull Cemetery

Stull Cemetery in Kansas is being mentioned here not so much because of its reports of being haunted, but as a reminder of how rumors can destroy privacy and disrupt lives. Stull Cemetery has reportedly been a place of witchcraft and devil worship. It has even been called a gateway to hell, and the devil supposedly appears on Halloween. However, the small community of Stull insists that these rumors are untrue. The rumors have led to large groups of people congregating to witness the appearance of the devil. Such gatherings have led to drinking, trespassing, and vandalism in which police have had to ask onlookers to leave.

If you plan to visit an allegedly haunted graveyard this Halloween, be respectful of the property as well as the residents, both living and dead. If there are “No Trespassing” signs, then do the right thing and leave. Many cemeteries offer tours around Halloween and even throughout the years, so check for guided tours or other events in your area.

Kristian Gabriel
Kristian Gabriel