The Secret of Coral Castle

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Located near Homestead, Florida, Coral Castle is a tourist attraction made up of megalithic, oolitic limestone (oolitic limestone is formed from coral). Created out of 1,100 tons of stones, some of which are 25 feet tall and weigh in at 30 tons, Coral Castle’s stones were made to look like walls with carvings of stars and planets, furniture and a castle tower.

The creation of Coral Castle, originally named Rock Gate Park, began in 1923 by Latvian American Edward Leedskalnin. It is regarded as the only modern megalithic structure to ever have been built.

Leedskalnin said he knew the secrets of the pyramids and claimed to have built and created Coral Castle all by himself. After his death in 1951, someone allegedly discovered his journal, which stated that he had uncovered the secret to unlocking and utilizing anti-gravity.

Leedskalnin spent over 28 years of his life putting Coral Castle together and it is reported that he did not allow anyone from the outside world to see how it was done. Teenagers are said to have reported they snuck a peek behind Leedskalnin’s walls and that he was moving the megalithic blocks of limestone as if they were balloons.

The stones of Coral Castle have been placed together with such exactness, and without mortar, that light cannot penetrate through the pieces which have been so perfectly put next to one another. It’s said that not even a hurricane has been able to disrupt the stones.

Much mystery and intrigue surrounds Coral Castle. How was it really built? It is reported that not even scientists or engineers have properly researched the structure. This leaves a lot of room open for speculation and theory.

For instance, ancient astronaut theorists believe Leedskalnin’s claims of having unlocked the secrets of the pyramids. They believe he used a device that created a form of anti-gravity around the blocks of limestone which allowed for them to be moved with absolute precision. Ancient astronaut theorists will even go one step further. They theorize Leedskalnin was either shown or given the secret by extraterrestrials; possibly the same ones they believe helped build the pyramids.

Someday, we may learn how Leedskalnin actually built one of the greatest wonders of the world—but for now, the secret will remain with him in the grave.

Kristian Gabriel
Kristian Gabriel