Now Entering The Cryptic Planet™!

Thank you all so much for visiting and supporting Cryptic Planet™! If you want to know who we are, check out the FAQ below! 

Q. What is Cryptic Planet™ about?

A. Cryptic Planet™ is a blockchain-powered media and entertainment production company out to change the world. We have been preparing and working towards contributing to the metaverse and beyond for over a decade. We are involved in the creation of media on all levels. We are dedicated to entertaining, expanding the mind, and exploring the unknown.

Q. Who created Cryptic Planet™?

A. Cryptic Planet™ is a brand and company created and owned by Director/Photographer/Adobe ACI Kristian Gabriel (2007). Kristian is connected to Kristian Gabriel Films LLC and is a 20 year veteran of films and television as a production and post specialist. Kristian’s companies are also partners with Adobe and several other design and post software leaders.

Q. Are you serious about NFTs or just using them as a means to an end?

A. I was involved with early bitcoin and blockchain as an enthusiast and investor–and have always been a believer in the next phase of human / technology evolution. I and my company are contributors to the next generation digital media markets and taking part in one of the greatest advances in human history. This includes areas such as VR/AR the metaverse and technology yet to be released. NFTs are part of this great advance. I’ve always been a digital creative and so I embrace this as a creative artist and way to integrate into my everyday business and life.

Q. What is up with those articles?

A. The articles are really another way to highlight how amazing and strange our world is. Some of the topics are things that are fun to explore but also to use as creative fuel for projects such as film, tv shows, web series, and of course NFTs.

Q. Do you actually believe this stuff?

A. I pride myself on keeping an open mind. An open mind will always open more doors than a closed mind. then I will always be an active part in searching for truth and feed my curiosity in the mysterious and the unknown.